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Genius helps you innovate, strategiza, and implement new, creative and memorable ideas to market your brand to the world.
Genius is an advertising and marketing agency established in 1998, Led by a team that prides itself on tinking out of the box, marketingsolution at genius surpass expectations, beat the competition, and impress the targer audience, free of stereotypes and boldly creative, Genius lives to work, dreaming, doing and dekivering- Beyond your expectation...

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a new brand being born everyday, the consumer market has become highly competitive. Irrespective of the kind of product you are looking for, the number of brands available is truly mind boggling. It has become a major concern to promote a brand a shade better than competitors'. Here is where advertising Genius comes in handy.
Simply informing a customer that a brand exists is not enough. Advertising should be targeted in such a way that it forms a positive impact in the minds of the customer and in the process creates brand

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Web development
Search Engine optimization
Web hosting
Flash website
Flash presentation
Email data base
Corporate identity

Business cards
News letter
Out door advertising

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» Helps you innovate , strategize and    implement new, creative and morable    ideas to market you brand to the    world.

» A team that prides itself on thinking    out of the box

» A Marketing solution maker

» Beat the competition

» Impress the targer audience

» Boldly creative

» lives to work

» Dreaming , doing and delivering -    Beyond your expectations


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